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  1. Brandon

    If you are a free to play player, Helix really supreme in the harder chapters 11+ because you take so much damage and you’re almost always hurt, sometimes even rockin that 1 HP boss fight 😉 No one can save you in Chapter 14 .

  2. Ludovic

    Rolla is a monster

  3. John Patrick

    I think helix and phoren are both good.

  4. Harvey

    is onir actually that bad? compare to the other hero?

  5. Stefan

    im playing Taranis, i think he is good… now im collecting some gems for Helix to see if he is that good as they say

  6. Jurgen

    I recently purchased Meow with diamonds. Now I’m upgrading Cloak. But wanted to know how you guys decided to upgrade?

  7. Kevos

    I prefer Meowgik who has a power which defend and attack

  8. Johan

    Okay, i will share my exp…

    I really love this meowgik, the reason is you can see that its stats is overpowered than others, it even almost equal to rolla which costs 20$

    We are supposed to be a skilled player in the end, so you don’t need to rely on the kitties too much.. Yes, u should consider it as a bonus damage, not as your primary damage dealer..

    And what’s the pros ? Here it is..

    1.) A Kitty deal 3X (THREE TIMES) DAMAGE from your 1 shot If you’re using sawblade, the kitties are very often appears, but the multiplier factor is : low damage X 3 = Total Damage

    If you’re using death scythe, the kitties are rare showing up, but the multiplier factor is : high damage X 3 = Total Damage

    It’s just to be the same

    2.) The Kittieshave Homing Ability

    When the worm boss is digging, the kitties STAYS THERE and SEEKING whenever the boss showed up, not dissapear !

    3.) The Kitties are able to walk through WALL !

    You can keep play safe when your hp is low.. conclusion is, when you are buying meowgik, YOU GOT 3 EXTRA ABILITIES in the start of a level.

    1. You can consider thr Kitties as quite similar Copy/Clone/Sword which auto-attacking when you attack
    2. Homing Ability just like Stalker Staff
    3. Attacking which pass through wall just like Laser Bat
    4. High Damage and High HP

    I recommend this cat than helix because Rage Ability is active when your Hp is in low, when your hp is super low (5%) there’s too risky, and you can just die easily with some crazy inevitable moves mobs.

    But, after i bought meowgik, i still want to buy helix, since all universe suggest it. Just keep playing, and keep smiling when dying is the key to enjoy this game , Rofl

  9. Redjon

    Guys who should I save gems for, Helix or Meowgik?

    1. Janice

      Depends on your play style. Helix has increased rage so people who don’t mind playing on lower health really benefit from it. With helix, lower health means higher attack.

      On the other hand, meowjik has cat powers. Cats spawn to create attacks in addition to your normal weapon attacks. The biggest benefit of meow is that the cats go through everything so

      1. you can hit behind walls for a more defensive play style
      2. unless they move, enemies are almost certainly hit. i personally enjoy meowgik more.

  10. Taylar

    Is it worth getting other heroes just to unlock their passives? Im playing meow getting him to lvl 60 soon. I was checking Helix lvl 20 passive increasing 20% crit dmg (all heroes), Its a great passive specially with the staff. Save up 1500 gems just for this passive or it would be a waste?

    1. Matt

      That’s what I do. Level up players I don’t use just to get the passives.

    2. Scott Pereau

      Level all your heroes up to 20 and then 60 and you’ll have better stats.

    3. Cody

      I would say it’s better to invest gems in equipment, and when it’s maxed, then you can do this. You should definitely get the passives on heroes you do have tho.

  11. Dawson

    Is Bonnie worth to purchase? So far i think Onir is the best…

    1. Mathias

      All is worth in some way. That you can upgrade them and get stats for every hero. But i haven’t bought any of the heroes for money

  12. Wes

    I don’t have much experience with other heroes but meow is pretty op from what I’ve seen so far I have her around 40ish.

  13. Mike

    I don’t get why people put Meow and Helix on equal ground. Meow is hands down the better hero. Helix is fun and all but if you are looking to push, Meow is the way to go

  14. Gronek

    Meow is the highest damaging hero, even if you don’t hit every cat. For helix to out dps Meow you need to be below 5% health at all times.


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