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  1. Abuhakam2

    awesome analysis for each weapon in archero! i personally like death scythe but im still on lower chapter and still farming for staff’s upgrade

  2. Groff

    I think spear is the best weapon for these multi-heat type stages. Scythe can be insane too if you have bouncy walls and a bunch flying around, they’ll hit the mobs when they spawn since the scythes linger for so long.

  3. alexo

    in my personal opinion like “everyday” weapon I think bow is best and for some chapters staff is essentially

    1. Scott

      yeah u def want the staff for 14 or atleast a choice as its best weapon by far against bosses

    2. alexo

      definitely for Chapter 11 was the winning one

  4. Jeoff

    all weapons are good in there own way and it doesn’t matter what weapon someone says is best yeah there are some that are rather strong compared to others like the staff for example but in the end its up to you which u wanna use try them all and decide for yourself is best option i personally like the staff and tornado

  5. Jackie

    Thanks for lists, i am still a beginner and my best weapon so far is epic scythe. I wonder how long will it takes to make it my scythe weapon into a legendary. Its kinda rare and hard to farm

  6. Misha

    What’s the best weapon for chapter 7? i only have epic brightspear and epic scythe but still stock on this chapter for 2 weeks

  7. Kulhawy

    Are you an offensive player or do u lean toward the defensive? What do u think is better?

    1. Jim

      Personally I play offensively but I’m not sure if it’s better

    2. Kurt

      Defensive. I usually play on the bottom til I know I can get out. I pretty much roll right thru CH 13 no problem.

    3. Devion

      Mostly defensive. I attack from afar until at least half the room is clear

    4. Derek

      Started defensive. After farming 13 and 14 I’m now offensive lol

    5. Drew

      Defensive it’s something awesome seeing a consistent unit pick apart an destroy even the best of offensive plans.

    6. Saar

      In my opinion finding the balance between them is key, different approach for a different scenario

    7. Andrei

      all offensive, the gear and the skills. From defensive skills I might take invincible star or maybe bloodthirsty.

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