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  1. Tayiar

    Bow is a balanced weapon overall. It has both damage and speed to have a good sustain in higher level. I personally don’t play it a lot, but it is a good weapon in coop.

  2. maxiee

    thank you for this awesome guide!

  3. Codelman

    I prefer brightspear because it’s the most balanced imo fast like saw / with ricochet or wall bounce can be effective like spear but with better visibility and has a really good damage.

  4. Justin

    Scythe is the weapon with highest base damage of all of the others. With a good build, it wasn’t bad at all.

    To use it, you need at least 1 major attack speed boost and you have to stutter step. If you cant stutter step I would really advise you to stay away from it. Also, it melts bosses so fast.


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