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  1. Jun_v

    i dont care about dodge percentage, i use vest of dex because of it’s lightning damage and i use serpent ring because of it’s ranged damage, dodge is just a bonus, if you know how to dodge, you dont really need it

  2. Elivinas

    Is it worth to use 2 serpent rings? Do dodge stacks?

    1. Duford

      I don’t understand why people keep asking, why would they not? unless the devs wrote so which would be ridiculous

    2. Gronek

      Dodge has diminishing returns when stacking. I tend to use only the dex chest and 1 ring. Then go wolf and revive neck.

  3. Michael

    Dwarf skill is an excellent choice. With a dodge build you’re damn near invincible.

  4. Jiet

    Does anyone here maxed Rolla? 10% dodge!! Iā€™m wondering if stack up all dodge gear how would it be? 20 lvl more to go


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