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  1. Vishnu

    Thanks for these dragon city free gem tips, I wish you all the best and I’m always waiting for the next guides.

  2. eugene

    is there any way to hack dragon city in pc? i am playing with my bluestacks

  3. gabby

    obrigado! este é o melhor hack para dragon city

  4. Anjee

    Thank you for such helpful guide on how to get free gems in dragon city. These will very much help newbies like me. I played this game years ago but didn’t have enough time until locked down

  5. HarryS

    I am playing the game on both iphone and android, i noticed they have ingame offers by completing a survey that gives free gems higher than android users.. go check it out some are very easy to complete

    1. Kosc

      yeah they give good amount of gems! got 1,200 one time by just installing some games from apple store

  6. SoccerDragon

    I have been using these tricks for almost a year now but i changed my phone, is there any guides on how to hack dragon city in IOS?

    1. L77TMike

      they posted about ios version for dragon city hack, use the search function above to find it

  7. bafau

    The dragon city gem hack is awesome and a time saver with very helpful cool features. Thank you!

  8. DarkghoST

    These are good methods to get free gems for dragon city! thanks for sharing them, it helped me a lot growing my islands and getting a few good dragons as well.

  9. Brandon

    Guys i really need help on this one, i have an account with level 91 when I was playing on Facebook and I already have completed the islands but after I took a break from playing for a long time I tried playing it again on my Android. And the my problem is all the island i bought using gems disappeared.

  10. Fabx

    there are hundreds of dragon city hack tool out there but these method is much better and safer.. thanks for putting such informative guide

  11. Cube144

    Hi! your guide is really informative in my opinion because i am a newbie of this mobile game, so thank you for sharing this cool stuff

  12. Julio

    Obrigado por este hack de gemas dragon city! Eu jogo este jogo desde 2015 a 2019, mas não consegui obter dragões fortes.


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