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  1. Ole

    Just started TemTem. Pokemon Vet right here. I’ll get the hang of it as I go and much is obviously familliar… But are their any starter tips? Things i should keep attention too? Like natures, IV/EV’s etc(Yeah, Pokemon). Things that are important starting out.
    I started with the monkey. I just got to the “next” town.

  2. Jarred

    Try to catch and level a Ganki for the first dojo. Catch everything, release anything that you aren’t using to level or doesn’t have a 50 SV stat. Once you get to the second island, you’ll find the FreeTem Society which pays you decent money for releasing Temtems. Remember that the game is still early access and only half of the story is currently available to play.

  3. Damian

    All starters are the same – ivs = svs max 50 Evs =TV’s – max 1000 500 ea stat No natures

  4. Nikolai

    Get 500 atk tv on your tuwaii(bird starter equivalent of eevee) so kill 500 ganki to get 500 tv attack and also catch one ganki then you will beat the game easily.

    Also pay attention to traits and check the wiki for what they do and what they change to in evolution. Make sure to catch an electric synthesis nessla after you finish the first dojo!


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