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  1. Mighty Bear

    I have done so much breeding during this quarantine period!

  2. Raffaele Mariano

    Hi guys ! Currently trying to understand the breeding system of Temtem.

    Got some questions :

    If i learn the eggmove “Crystal Bite” to the first Bunbun i breed, will the others (using this one as parent) have for sure this eggmove ?

    There’s no way to breed for sure a female or male ? If there’s not, so the breeding is just a luck based system ?

    1. Ruan van

      1. If the one of the parents have the egg move slottwe, the offspring will always inherit the egg move then.

      2. Gender is random.

    2. Faydon

      And to answer your questions :

      Yes the eggmove will be guaranteed as long it’s possible to learn the eggmove on one of the 2 tems you bred (female) look about it on the temtem wiki, section “techniques learned through breeding”

      100% RNG based for gender, except Barnshe which will always give you a female outcome from the egg

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